Thinking about transferring money between currencies?

If, like many people, you keep an eye on exchange rates you will have seen that Sterling is looking stronger against the US Dollar. This means that if you are considering transferring Sterling to US Dollars, UAE Dirhams or any other currency pegged to the US Dollar, this could be a good time to take action.

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UK Budget 2014 & how those big pension changes will affect you

The other week, George Osborne, the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer presented his latest budget to the House of Commons. Whilst this is largely UK focused many of the points are of relevance to UK expats and also to people with assets in the UK. This article is a brief overview of the relevant points.

If you are a British expat, have a UK pension or property in the UK, you need to read on…

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News: Update on Dubai Medical Insurance

In November 2013 I posted an article advising that the Dubai authorities had announced that medical insurance would become mandatory over the next few years. We now have further details, but there is also one very important point that has been largely overlooked in press reports.

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UK Autumn Statement 2013 – how will it affect you?

Whilst this is UK legislation there are a number of announcements that will affect expats, as well as non-residents who own UK assets, so this article will clarify those issues rather than going through the whole statement. The full document as issued in the first week of December 2013 is some 130 pages long and not the most interesting thing to read!

The pertinent points for non-residents are as follows:

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News: Compulsory medical insurance for Dubai employees (& how to arrange it)

It has been announced that a new law will be coming into force in the emirate of Dubai stating that employers will have to provide medical insurance for their employees.

The new law was unveiled yesterday, although the full details have yet to be published. According to the Dubai Health Authority, it is to be rolled out within three years, in several phases, beginning in 2014.

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Happy Anniversary to On Your Side

Time certainly does fly. I have been writing the On Your Side column in the Saturday edition of The National newspaper for five years. That’s 262 columns to date and something like 800 questions answered and problems solved.

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News: Changes to UAE mortgage lending limits

As mentioned in the article on mortgages from early October, the Central Bank has announced restriction on the percentages that people may borrow when purchasing property in the UAE.

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