UK Capital Gains Tax changes for non-resident UK Property owners

This is a topic I have mentioned in several articles on this website but the final guidance has now been issued by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) so we have clarity as to how tax will be applied on the sale of UK properties owned by individuals who are not resident in the UK.

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Panicking about the future? Perhaps you should be…

This is an inflammatory title but sometimes it’s important to get people’s attention and a reaction. The plain fact is that the vast majority of people are woefully underprepared for retirement and are simply not saving enough for their later years. And if you don’t deal with the matter, who will?

money-timebombOver the past year or so both HSBC International and Scottish Widows, part of the UK based Lloyds Banking Group, have released the results of surveys that show the parlous state of people’s retirement planning. The surveys make worrying reading and at the risk of sounding dramatic the situation is now a time bomb.

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A survey – medical insurance for dependents & domestic staff.

I have previously written about the new requirements from Dubai Health Authority for all residents in Dubai to have private medical insurance but one area that appear to have been overlooked by many is the requirements for sponsors to have insured both their dependents and domestic staff by no later than June 2016.

Any medical insurance plans that are set up from 1st January of this year must also comply with specific guidelines and so it is important to get it right.

I am therefore looking into setting up a straightforward scheme that will be fully compliant with the rules but is also simple to set up and run as well as being competitively priced.

In order to do so I need to establish the need for this type of cover and so would be grateful if you could spare no more than two minutes to complete this eight question survey.

SURVEY – please complete

Your assistance is very much appreciated and will help me to provide the best service and options for all parties.

With thanks


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Seminars: Financial Planning for Women

As there are always questions about these issues, a colleague and I will be running two seminars on the topic of Financial Planning for Women.

Monday 9th February, 10am, Jumeirah Islands Club

Tuesday 10th February, 7pm, Holborn office, Tecom

Despite the title this isn’t just for women although the topics we will be covering will include:

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Financial Resolutions – 10 tips for a better New Year

Many of us make New Year resolutions, but how many of those are about our finances?

It is said that one definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over again whilst expecting a different result, so you may have to make some changes to make a real difference.

It makes sense to get your finances in order and deal with the priorities so you can get on with enjoying your life. On 5th January I spoke in the Dubai Today show on Dubai Eye 103.8FM covering this topic, so as promised here is a list of some the issues to focus on:

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News: Skandia International to become Old Mutual International

Skandia International, also known as Royal Skandia, is one of the biggest names in the offshore insurance and investment markets, is shortly to change its name to Old Mutual International, to fall in line with the parent company, Old Mutual plc. This will have certain consequences and policyholders need to be aware of how these may affect them.

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UK Autumn Statement 2014 – what expats need to know

The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, recently presented  his last Autumn Statement before the General Election next year. There are a few announcements that may affect expats, so a brief overview of some of the most relevant issues is given below.

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