UK mortgages for UAE based expats

No matter what is happening in the rest of the world, interest in the UK housing market remains strong with many people looking to buy a property as part of their portfolio of investments, or as a future home.

Changes to the way in which UK mortgages are underwritten, which came into effect in April 2014 under the guidance of the Financial Conduct Authority, have made it harder to anyone to obtain a mortgage and the options are even more limited for expats.

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To panic or not to panic, that is the question…

With the turmoil in the markets in the last couple of weeks it is understandable that many people have been worried about their investments. The fall in the Chinese stock market triggered a knock-on effect in other global markets and all looked a little worrying for a few days although we have since seen some upward movement.

Is this enough to stop you panicking? Should you be worried?

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UAE mortgages and beyond…

I would like to let everyone know that I now have a dedicated in-house mortgage desk which can source a wide range of products and services from the whole of the market.

If you are interested in buying a new apartment or villa, refinancing, or would like to release equity from an existing property, we can assist. The strong and well-established relationships we have with some of the leading banks in the UAE means we can access the best rates, along with the best service.

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Seven rules for smart investing

With so much in the press about investing, as well as lots of conflicting opinions and information, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, or even wishful thinking. I have therefore put together a simple guide of seven practical tips that are both logical and easy to follow.

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UK Budget July 2015 – the main points for expats

UK Budgets seem to come thick and fast these days and the latest one was announced on 8th July. This article is a brief overview of some of the main points with particular reference to any changes that could affect expats.

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Is your family protected if you die? Six common misconceptions.

If you die and leave your family, you can’t stop the heartache, but you can make sure that they do not have financial worries, that they can stay in their home and your children can continue their education. Protecting your family in this way is one of the kindest things you can ever do for them.

There are various reasons why people don’t take out life cover so let’s address those:

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Will you outlive your money?

For most of us living longer is one of the benefits of modern life but has it occurred to you that this can also be a problem?

This means is that you may last longer than your savings. As it becomes a reality for many people, this is something we really need to talk about, especially as a recent report claims that old age starts at age 74.

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