Cost-effective currency transfers – secure & safe

Most expats have a need to move money between currencies and it makes sense to find a way to do this securely, easily and where you can save money. At the present time, it is important that you can do this without having to leave your home and, in view of recent issues with some UAE companies, with a currency broker with a good track record.

The online services offered by retail banks are rarely competitive and even if they do not charge a fee they make their profit on the poor rates of exchange offered. There is a better way with better value for money. Everyone wants to make savings so this is a better option.

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Need to know: UAE Labour Law in the time of Coronavirus

As many will be aware, I have been writing about UAE employment regulations, and other matters, in my weekly column in The National newspaper since 2008. This is addition to my main business as an Independent Financial Adviser. All columns are online but in view of the current economic situation in relation to COVID-19, I thought it would be useful to clarify both employee and employer rights at this time.

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Where there’s a Will there’s a way to protect your family

Due to changes in legislation, this article has been updated and rewritten to so please see the latest one.

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News: Tax update for expats unable to leave the UK

HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs) has announced that it will be giving special treatment to non-residents who are forced to stay in the UK exceeding their permitted number of days. With quite a few expats unable to leave due to closed borders and lock downs, I was expecting an announcement and this is helpful news.

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Coronavirus and your investments – part 2

I published an article on this topic on 4th March but with the ongoing situation and further stock markets falls, it is time for another.

With worries and panic across the world in respect of both health and all the knock-on economic issues, we have seen substantial falls in all stock markets so many people are asking what they should do regarding their investments. The falls have been more than anyone expected as the current situation in regard to COVID-19 are simply unprecedented. As before, my general advice is not to sell now, not least as you would simply be crystallising a loss. My clients are all diversified and have suitable risk profiles, in line with their preferences, although I understand if some want to reduce the risk levels a little. Please read on to find out more about what is happening, why, and what we can expect.

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UK Budget March 2020 – the facts for expats

This is the first budget of this Government and the first by Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, less than a month after taking over at the Treasury.

This article is a brief overview of some of the main points with particular reference to any changes that have relevance to those living outside of the UK. The UK press will cover many points in detail but much of this is not directly relevant to expats so this article focuses of the relevant points for us. I have included specific measure related to COVID-19 as this has a significant impact on the economy and a wide-ranging, knock-on effect.

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Coronavirus and your investments – part one

No one can avoid this subject right now but, in this article, I want to address the financial concerns, specifically in relation to investments. Global stock markets fell last week, the largest falls over a couple of days for 10 years, although some are moving upwards again at time of writing, and I do not believe this is a major cause for concern.

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UAE Insolvency law – overview & information

In November 2019, the UAE Government announced a new law for personal insolvency, to assist people with debt problems, and this has now come into effect. This is a real game changer as it will give people in difficulties an opportunity to repay what they owe with manageable payments and removes the threat of jail time.

In this article I will cover some of the main points and requirements but I will also update it, if and when there are any changes.

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Expats in The UAE & Money. 10 mistakes you want to avoid

It is not uncommon for expats for make a few financial mistakes when they move to another country but proper planning, research and the right advice will mean you do the right things. This is a list of the most common errors and while some may seem obvious, they are all made regularly. Knowledge is power so have a read and make sure you aren’t making mistakes that you could easily avoid.

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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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