How to get unbiased financial advice

It can be hard to find good quality, unbiased and ethical financial advice, but it essential to be advised properly to make the most of your finances. This is an important issue that you need to address and should not leave to chance. I have over 25 years of experience in providing independent advice, the last 10 in the UAE, and am highly qualified to UK standards.

Please contact me at with any queries,  for personalised advice and to arrange an appointment.

I can provide independent advice to expatriates on numerous areas including:

  • Life assurance & other protection plans
  • Savings & investments, wealth management, retirement planning
  • UK & UAE mortgages (with the largest panel of lenders in the UAE)
  • Pension reviews & pension transfers
  • Education funding & school fees planning
  • Investment & portfolio reviews
  • UK tax issues & UK pensions (incl SIPPs & QROPS)
  • Currency transfers
  • Wills, guardianship & estate planning
  • Holistic personal financial planning
  • Medical insurance for individuals and companies
  • Legal issues relating to living in the UAE

All advice is tailored to individual needs and is not about selling products, but about a long-term relationship and achieving your financial goals, whilst protecting your family and assets. I offer advice on a fee paying basis if required.

Your finances are important. Don’t leave your future to chance.

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  13. Trever says:

    why are souqalmal spamming this site so much?

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