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As well as writing my weekly On Your Side column in The National, I pop up in a number of other publications, so I have created this page as a way of people being able to have a read of other articles all in one place.

On Your Side columns in The National newspaper can all be found here:

Contribution to article in The National on recommended books on personal finance 29/07/18    The National – Must read personal finance books for your holiday

Comment in The National on changes to employment rules 14/06/18 The National – how new labour insurance policy offers better protection

Arabian Business 30/05/18  Arabian Business  – Everything-you-need-to-know-about-offshore-banking

Dubai Eye podcast  16/04/18   Dubai Eye podcast 16/04/18 –  Dog funds & what to do about them plus lots of listener queries

Dubai Eye podcast 12/01/18     Dubai Eye podcast 12/01/18   Ethical investing & listener questions answered

Article in Good magazine, January 2018. Planning your finances for 2018. Click on images to expand them.













Dubai Eye podcast 08/01/18   Dubai Eye podcast 08/01/19-  New Year, new resolutions

Comment in National article about VAT & sole traders 31/12/17  The National – UAE sole traders worry about impact of VAT

Comment in National article on new rules re bounced cheques 15/11/17  The National – Bounced cheques in UAE1: new rules a progressive step for the justice system

Dubai Eye podcast 16/10/17   Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 16/10/17 – VAT & critical illness cover

Dubai Eye podcast 11/09/17      Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 11/09/17 – Female Financial Empowerment

Dubai Eye podcast 14/08/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 14/08/17  Financial priorities + managing debt

Dubai Eye podcast 03/07/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 03/07/17 – The Money Clinic

Article on how to get a mortgage and buy a property in the UK for expats, hosted by Tregoning Property.  Tregoning Property – UK mortgages 06.17

Dubai Eye podcast 15/05/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 15/05/17 Life cover & family protection

Article in The National recommending business & finance books 16/04/17  The National experts-in-their-fields-pick-their-favourite-business-book

Abu Dhabi World article 06/04/17  How to take control of your taxes at home

Abu Dhabi World article 06/04/17  Everything you need to know about offshore banking

Dubai Eye podcast 03/04/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 03.04.17 – property & mortgages

Dubai Eye podcast 20/03/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye – UK Budget + mistakes to avoid 20.03.17

Link to Article in Good Magazine March 2017   The financial mistakes that you really want to avoid

Dubai Eye podcast 13/02/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye – money & relationships 13.02.17

Dubai Eye podcast 09/01/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye – 2016 roundup + your financial personality type 09/01/17

Dubai Eye podcast 12/12/16  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye – budgeting, sensible spending + 12 days of Christmas 12.12.16

An article about how I work plus my business ethics and initiatives in a well-known professional publication: International Adviser – my key initiatives 30/11/16

Dubai Eye podcast 14/11/16     Dubai Today on Dubai Eye – Season spending 14.11.16

Dubai Eye podcast 10/10/16   Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 10/10/16 Wills + changes to UK State pensions

Dubai Eye podcast 08/08/16  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 08/08/16 Protecting family +  new to Dubai

Dubai Eye podcast  11/07/16  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 11.07.16 Brexit & holiday spending

BBC website 05/07/16  Does it really cost more to be an expat?

What’s On Dubai 26/06/16  What’s On Dubai – what Brexit means for Brits

What’s Magazine June 2016  Whats On magazine – How to leave Dubai 06.16

Dubai Eye podcast 13/06/16  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 13.06.16 Teen finance

The National. Money & Me article about me The National – Money & Me 14.05.16

The National, Debt Panel Q&A The National, Debt Panel Q&A 14.05.16

Dubai Eye podcast 09/05/16  Dubai Eye 09.15.16 Medical cover, gratuities & a pension issue

Video interview by AD Media Group/The National regarding debt in the UAE.  03/05/16  The National: the-debt-panel-keren-bobker–video

Article in The National about the new Debt Panel 29/04/16 The National -debt-panel-passes-verdict-on-uae-residents-in-financial-dire-straits

Article in The National regarding the new Debt Panel that I am on. 24/04/16 The National – addressing-the-rising-tide-of-personal-indebtedness-in-the-uae

Dubai Eye podcast 11/04/16 Dubai Eye podcast 11.04.16 – Leaving Dubai

7days newpaper 15/03/16, comment on forecast salary increases in the GCC for 2016,

Dubai Eye podcast 14/03/16   Dubai Today on Dubai Eye podcast 14/03/16 (Women and Finance)

Dubai Eye podcast 08/02/16  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye podcast 08.02.16 (Medical Insurance & investment markets)

The National, peer pressure and debt 30/01/16    The National: social-media-peer-pressure-leads-to-anxiety-depression-and-debt-experts-say

The National, worries about financial meltdown in 2016  15/01/16 The National: are-we-about-to-witness-global-financial-meltdown-again

The National, article on how stronger US dollar affects travel  04/01/16 The National: uae-travellers-hope-to-get-more-from-their-holidays-thanks-to-strong-us-dollar

The National, new year article 01/01/16   The National: seven-things-every-investor-should-consider-in-2016

7days, new year resolutions 31/12/15  7days – how to make & keep new year resolutions

Y Magazine in Oman December 2015 (scroll towards the end for advice on being financially savvy)   Y Magazine- Oman: financial literacy

Dubai Eye podcast 14/12/15    Dubai Today on Dubai Eye podcast 14.12.15 (Christmas Spending Survey)

Dubai Eye podcast 16/11/15      Dubai Today on Dubai Today podcast 16/11/15  (Demystifying financial myths)

Dubai Eye podcast 10/08/15    Dubai Today on Dubai Eye podcast 10.08.15  (Mortgages & debts)

Dubai Eye podcast 13/07/15     Dubai Today on Dubai Eye podcast 13.07.15

Dubai Eye podcast 08/06/15    Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 08.06.15 – Personal finance

Dubai Eye podcast 11/05/15     Dubai Eye podcast 11.05.15

Dubai Eye podcast 13/04/15     Dubai Eye podcast 13.04.15

Time Out Dubai 7th April 2015

Article in Good Magazine, April 2015, about saving money on your bills. Click on image to enlarge.

Bill cutting page 2 04.15

Dubai Eye Podcast 09/03/15   Dubai Eye podcast 09.03.15

Dubai Eye Podcast 02/02/14   Dubai Eye podcast 02-02-2015

Video documentary by The Economist -Autumn 2014

The Economist – video – UAE expats and the bottom line

7 Days 20/01/14

Time Out Dubai 13/01/14

Dubai Eye 10/11/14

Podcast of show. Topics: Update on Dubai medical insurance requirements and how to avoid getting into debt. Dubai Eye podcast 10.11.14

Dubai Eye 01/09/14

Podcast of show. Topic: Back to school finances   Dubai Eye podcast 01.09.14

Dubai Eye 04/08/14

Podcast of show. Topic: Financial myths  Dubai Eye podcast 04.08.14

Good magazine August 2014

Article on: Top tips for family finances

Dubai Eye 07/07/14

Podcast of show. Topic: Family finances  Dubai Eye podcast 07.07.14

The National   25/05/14

Articles about wills:

The National – 11/04/14    (article on capital protected notes)

Time Out Dubai – 12/01/14

On Your Side column in The National   11/01/14

Time Out Dubai – Kids October 2013

Time Out Dubai – 11/09/13

The National – 31/08/13

Time Out Dubai – 31/07/13

Gulf News – 07/03/13

The Telegraph – 20/12/12

7days – 21/10/12


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