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As well as writing my weekly On Your Side column in The National newspaper  (every week since November 2008, now fortnightly from September 2022) I pop up in a number of publications so I have created this page as a way of people being able to have a read of all articles in one place. Even the UAE government has used one of my articles on their own site.

On Your Side columns in The National newspaper going back several years can be found here: Columns

Comment in Arabian Gulf Business Insight 13/09/23  UAE grey list: UK banks close expat accounts

Debt panel in The National 03/08/23  Debt Panel. “My husband lost almost $3,000 to a fraudster.”

Comment in The National 01/08/23 How to get the best deal on your mobile phone contract

Comments in The National 05/07/23  UAE cost of living. How much are schools fees, rent, & visas for expats?

Comment in Arabian Gulf Business Insight 09/06/23  Fine wine whets appetite of Gulf investors

Comment in The National 08/03/23, International Women’s Day How women are disrupting the investment world

Comment in The National 02/03/23   as the new tax residency rules come into effect.  Finance Ministry clarifies UAE tax residency rules

Opinion column in Arabian Gulf Business 26/01/23  Why we need to ditch pinkwashing in financial services

Comment in Arabian Gulf Business Insight on financial literacy 22/01/23 UAE is in first division of financial literacy – AGBI

Comment in Arabian Gulf Business Insight about anti money laundering and my concerns about fintechs 18/01/23 UAE money laundering – AGBI

Comment in Arabian Gulf Business Insight on expats and savings for 2023 02/01/22 Mena professionals vow to build up their savings in 2023  – AGBI

Debt Panel in The Nartional 28/12/22 The Debt Panel – Can a bank freeze my gratuity & cancel my credit card?

Arabian Gulf Business Insight column 05/12/22 Life insurance – the gift of financial stability for the family left behind

First monthly column in Arabian Gulf Business Insight 31/10/22 Keren Bobker: Take a fixed rate mortgage for peace of mind | AGBI

Pocketful of Dirhams podcast in The National on the topic of the new UAE unemployment scheme 25/10/22  The National – Pocketful of Dirhams podcast – new UAE unemployment scheme

Comment in Arabian Gulf Business Insight on expat pension in the GCC 20/10/22: AGBI – Pensions in demand as expats stay longer in the Gulf

My thoughts on how employers should treat staff following Mental health Day 2022, as picked up by LinkedIn Middle East: LinkedIn Middle East News – wrap up 12/10/22

Comment in Arabian Gulf Business Insight 27/09/22 ABGI – UAE staff told to wait until next year for salary increases

Comment in Arabian Gulf Business Insight 21/09/22 AGBI – Arab youth want action on waste, lack of jobs, & rising costs

My comment in Arabian Gulf Business Insight 02/09/22  AGBI – UAE experts warn investors about under-regulated fintech

My opinion piece in Arabian Gulf Business Insight 22/05/22   AGBI Opinion: New employment scheme is a risk worth taking for UAE

Article on influential women in the UAE  April 2022  Raemona magazine – 40 over Forty

Comment in The National on Ramadan bank offers, and warnings. 18/04/21 The National – Ramadan 2021 Best bank offers to help stretch your Dirhams

Comment in The National on propert crowdfunding. 11/04/21  The National – How to jump on the UAE’s property ladder through crowdfunding

Article in the online business magazine/website SME10x  10/11/20 New UAE Laws – The financial implications for small businesses

Comment in The National about changes to rules on bounced cheques  29/10/20  The National – UAE cabinet amends law on bounced cheques

Comment in The National about changes to financial services and wealth management in the UAE 11/10/20 The National – UAE approves new law regulating wealth management sector

Comment in The National about the announcement of the expansion of retirement visas and other ways to remain in the UAE  02/09/20  The National – UAE visa options: how you can stay in the country long-term

Comment in The National on people taking action regarding their finances during the pandemic 29/06/20 The National – we gave our finances a makeover during the COVID-19 lockdown

Comment in The National about rental contracts  22/06/20   The National – Dubai resident who lost his business due to covid-19 wins legal ruling to end tenancy contract early

Podcast of segment on Capital Radio UAE 21/06/20 Updates plus results of survey into how UAE residents are being financially affected by Covid-19   Capital Radio UAE – Everything UAE   21.06.20

Article in The National 24/05/20:  The people behind the UAE’s most popular Facebook groups. The National – UAE’s most popular facebook groups

Comment in The National about residency visa extensions 31/03/20 The National  – Residency visas & IDs to be automatically extended for three months 31/03/20

Something different! C0-hosting Foody Thursday on Capital Radio UAE 16/01/20 Capital Radio UAE – Foody Thursday 16.01.20

Comment in The National article about the how to rent a property in Dubai 07/08/19  The National – How to rent a property in Dubai 07/08/19

Comment in The National article about changes to visas for sponsored husbands 29/07/19 The National – UAE’s new labour card rules a sign of a maturing market

Comment in The National article about changes to family sponsorship 01/04/19

Podcast of Everything UAE show on Capital Radio UAE 31/03/19 available for 28 days after broadcast. Consumer Protection in the UAE & listener questions.

Podcast of Everything UAE show on Capital Radio UAE 17/03/19 available for 28 days after broadcast. Property issues. www.

Everything UAE show on Capital Radio UAE 10/03/19 available for 28 days after broadcast. UAE employment law.

Podcast of Everything UAE show on Capital Radio UAE 03/03/19 available for 28 days after broadcast. Debt issues.

Podcast of Everything UAE show on Capital Radio UAE 17/02/19 available for 28 days after broadcast. Property related issues.

Podcast of Everything UAE show on Capital Radio UAE 10/02/19 available for 28 days after broadcast. Employment law.

Comment in article in Time Out Kids 06/02/19  Time Out Kids – teaching kids about budgeting 02.19

Podcast of Everything UAE show on Capital Radio UAE 27/01/19 available for 28 days after broadcast.

Comment in National article about the introduction of new employment insurance policy 04/10/18 The National 04/10/18 domestic-workers-and-employers-in-uae-to-benefit-from-new-low-cost-employee-insurance-policy

Comment in National article about a huge charging error 24/09/18 The National 24/09/18 shocked-Du-customer-hit-with-dh70-000-bill-to-cancel-three-minute-contract

Contribution to National article about retirement visas for expats 17/09/18  The National 17/09/18 Is-the-UAE’s-new-five-year-visa-a-game-changer-for-expat-retirement

Contribution to National article regarding proposed bank mergers 10/09/18    The National 10/09/18 are-bank-mergers-good-for-uae-consumers

Comment in National article on job discrimination 11/09/18  The National 11/09/18 job-adverts-must-not-specify-gender-or-race-says-uae-ministry

Contribution to National article about discrimination laws 09/09/18  The National 09/09/18 advert-for-uae-nursery-teacher-with-white-skin-puts-the-spotlight-on-discrimination-in-the-job-market

Contribution to National article about cryptocurrencies 02/09/18  The National- warning-after-cabin-crew-member-takes-out-dh367-000-bank-loan-to-invest-in-cryptocurrencies-only-to-see-value-plummet

Arabian Business 21/08/18  Arabian Business – Should-dubai-tenants-renegotiate-their-rent

Arabian Business 13/08/18  Arabian Business – Swedish-visitor-case-puts-dubais-laws-back-in-the-spotlight

Contribution to article in The National on recommended books on personal finance 29/07/18    The National – Must read personal finance books for your holiday

Comment in The National on changes to employment rules 14/06/18 The National – how new labour insurance policy offers better protection

Arabian Business 30/05/18  Arabian Business  – Everything-you-need-to-know-about-offshore-banking

Article on UAE Government website. SInce updated but was on therer for six years. Passport retention: 

Dubai Eye podcast  16/04/18   Dubai Eye podcast 16/04/18 –  Dog funds & what to do about them plus lots of listener queries

Dubai Eye podcast 12/01/18     Dubai Eye podcast 12/01/18   Ethical investing & listener questions answered

Article in Good magazine, January 2018. Planning your finances for 2018. Click on images to expand them.













Dubai Eye podcast 08/01/18   Dubai Eye podcast 08/01/19-  New Year, new resolutions

Comment in National article about VAT & sole traders 31/12/17  The National – UAE sole traders worry about impact of VAT

Comment in National article on new rules re bounced cheques 15/11/17  The National – Bounced cheques in UAE1: new rules a progressive step for the justice system

Dubai Eye podcast 16/10/17   Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 16/10/17 – VAT & critical illness cover

Dubai Eye podcast 11/09/17      Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 11/09/17 – Female Financial Empowerment

Dubai Eye podcast 14/08/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 14/08/17  Financial priorities + managing debt

Dubai Eye podcast 03/07/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 03/07/17 – The Money Clinic

Article on how to get a mortgage and buy a property in the UK for expats, hosted by Tregoning Property.  Tregoning Property – UK mortgages 06.17

Dubai Eye podcast 15/05/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 15/05/17 Life cover & family protection

Article in The National recommending business & finance books 16/04/17  The National experts-in-their-fields-pick-their-favourite-business-book

Abu Dhabi World article 06/04/17  How to take control of your taxes at home

Abu Dhabi World article 06/04/17  Everything you need to know about offshore banking

Dubai Eye podcast 03/04/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 03.04.17 – property & mortgages

Dubai Eye podcast 20/03/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye – UK Budget + mistakes to avoid 20.03.17

Link to Article in Good Magazine March 2017   The financial mistakes that you really want to avoid

Dubai Eye podcast 13/02/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye – money & relationships 13.02.17

Dubai Eye podcast 09/01/17  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye – 2016 roundup + your financial personality type 09/01/17

Dubai Eye podcast 12/12/16  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye – budgeting, sensible spending + 12 days of Christmas 12.12.16

An article about how I work plus my business ethics and initiatives in a well-known professional publication: International Adviser – my key initiatives 30/11/16

Dubai Eye podcast 14/11/16     Dubai Today on Dubai Eye – Season spending 14.11.16

Dubai Eye podcast 10/10/16   Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 10/10/16 Wills + changes to UK State pensions

Dubai Eye podcast 08/08/16  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 08/08/16 Protecting family +  new to Dubai

Dubai Eye podcast  11/07/16  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 11.07.16 Brexit & holiday spending

BBC website 05/07/16  Does it really cost more to be an expat?

What’s On Dubai 26/06/16  What’s On Dubai – what Brexit means for Brits

What’s Magazine June 2016  Whats On magazine – How to leave Dubai 06.16

Dubai Eye podcast 13/06/16  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 13.06.16 Teen finance

The National. Money & Me article about me The National – Money & Me 14.05.16

The National, Debt Panel Q&A The National, Debt Panel Q&A 14.05.16

Dubai Eye podcast 09/05/16  Dubai Eye 09.15.16 Medical cover, gratuities & a pension issue

Video interview by AD Media Group/The National regarding debt in the UAE.  03/05/16  The National: the-debt-panel-keren-bobker–video

Article in The National about the new Debt Panel 29/04/16 The National -debt-panel-passes-verdict-on-uae-residents-in-financial-dire-straits

Article in The National regarding the new Debt Panel that I am on. 24/04/16 The National – addressing-the-rising-tide-of-personal-indebtedness-in-the-uae

Dubai Eye podcast 11/04/16 Dubai Eye podcast 11.04.16 – Leaving Dubai

7days newpaper 15/03/16, comment on forecast salary increases in the GCC for 2016,

Dubai Eye podcast 14/03/16   Dubai Today on Dubai Eye podcast 14/03/16 (Women and Finance)

Dubai Eye podcast 08/02/16  Dubai Today on Dubai Eye podcast 08.02.16 (Medical Insurance & investment markets)

The National, peer pressure and debt 30/01/16    The National: social-media-peer-pressure-leads-to-anxiety-depression-and-debt-experts-say

The National, worries about financial meltdown in 2016  15/01/16 The National: are-we-about-to-witness-global-financial-meltdown-again

The National, article on how stronger US dollar affects travel  04/01/16 The National: uae-travellers-hope-to-get-more-from-their-holidays-thanks-to-strong-us-dollar

The National, new year article 01/01/16   The National: seven-things-every-investor-should-consider-in-2016

7days, new year resolutions 31/12/15  7days – how to make & keep new year resolutions

Y Magazine in Oman December 2015 (scroll towards the end for advice on being financially savvy)   Y Magazine- Oman: financial literacy

Dubai Eye podcast 14/12/15    Dubai Today on Dubai Eye podcast 14.12.15 (Christmas Spending Survey)

Dubai Eye podcast 16/11/15      Dubai Today on Dubai Today podcast 16/11/15  (Demystifying financial myths)

Dubai Eye podcast 10/08/15    Dubai Today on Dubai Eye podcast 10.08.15  (Mortgages & debts)

Dubai Eye podcast 13/07/15     Dubai Today on Dubai Eye podcast 13.07.15

Dubai Eye podcast 08/06/15    Dubai Today on Dubai Eye 08.06.15 – Personal finance

Dubai Eye podcast 11/05/15     Dubai Eye podcast 11.05.15

Dubai Eye podcast 13/04/15     Dubai Eye podcast 13.04.15

Time Out Dubai 7th April 2015

Article in Good Magazine, April 2015, about saving money on your bills. Click on image to enlarge.

Bill cutting page 2 04.15

Dubai Eye Podcast 09/03/15   Dubai Eye podcast 09.03.15

Dubai Eye Podcast 02/02/14   Dubai Eye podcast 02-02-2015

Video documentary by The Economist -Autumn 2014

The Economist – video – UAE expats and the bottom line

7 Days 20/01/14

Time Out Dubai 13/01/14

Dubai Eye 10/11/14  Podcast of show. Topics: Update on Dubai medical insurance requirements and how to avoid getting into debt. Dubai Eye podcast 10.11.14

Dubai Eye 01/09/14  Podcast of show. Topic: Back to school finances   Dubai Eye podcast 01.09.14

Dubai Eye 04/08/14  Podcast of show. Topic: Financial myths  Dubai Eye podcast 04.08.14

Good magazine August 2014   Article on: Top tips for family finances

Dubai Eye 07/07/14  Podcast of show. Topic: Family finances  Dubai Eye podcast 07.07.14

The National   25/05/14  Articles about wills:

The National – 11/04/14    (article on capital protected notes)

Time Out Dubai – 12/01/14

On Your Side column in The National   11/01/14

Time Out Dubai – Kids October 2013

Time Out Dubai – 11/09/13

The National – 31/0//13 http://www.thena/

Time Out Dubai – 31/07/13

Gulf News – 07/03/13

The Telegraph – 20/12/12

7days – 21/10/12

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