Seasonal Spending – hints and tips for a happier Christmas & New Year

As we head rapidly towards the end of 2019 the prospect of Christmas and New Year is daunting for many due to the cost of the celebrations. With Christmas being as much a cultural as a religious event for most people, and New Year being a party time too, this article is all about some hints and tips for budgeting at this time of year.

The holidays are a time when people want to splash out but it is all too easy to get carried away with all the advertising, tempting shop displays, and the associated pressure to make everything perfect.

The cost of living in the UAE is higher than ever and with many people having concerns about expenditure, and even job security, there are ways to cut back but still have a good time.

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Sharia law & your money in the UAE

Whilst most people are aware that Sharia law is the legal framework used in the GCC countries, not all expats have realised that this can affect them and their money.

  • Did you know that on death your bank accounts and assets in the UAE will be frozen?
  • Did you realise that your spouse, or other family members, may not get access for many months?
  • Are you aware that your assets will not automatically go to your spouse?

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News: Risk of UK State Pension freeze remains for British pensioners in Europe

Starting next week some 360,000 British pensioners living in Europe will receive letters from The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)  confirming that their UK State Pension pension will rise each year for at least the next three years in the event of a no-deal Brexit. There are no guarantees that these increases will continue after this time. Continue reading

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2019: how it is going for you? UAE survey results

A few weeks ago I asked people to complete a survey to see how 2019 is going for them, from a largely financial and work perspective.  Everyone was asked a series of questions about stability of work, the property market, what was impacting their personal finances, personal debts and how they felt about their life going into the second half of 2019.

Over 400 replied with just over 51% being in the 31 to 45 age group. The next largest group of respondents was aged 46 to 60 years (35%) and 70% of total respondents were married.

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News: Beneficial changes for DIFC Wills

The DIFC Wills Service Centre (formerly called the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry) has confirmed changes to the rules (the Amendments) which will come into effect from 30th June 2019. This is good news for anyone with UAE assets.

There are two major changes, summarised as follows:

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Travel & holidays – 20 money-related hints & tips

We’re approaching the hottest time of the year in the UAE, a time when many people think about going on holiday to avoid the heat for a while. The long school summer holiday starts shortly so many families and teachers will travel during this time. With this in mind, I’d like to give you a few hints and tips for saving and safeguarding money when travelling.

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2019 – how is it going for you? A survey

We’re nearly half way through the year, (and isn’t it going fast?) so I’d like to take a look at how UAE residents are finding it so far from a personal financial perspective. I would therefore be grateful if you could take just a few minutes to complete this survey.

Survey.  2019: how is it going for you?

The information gathered will be used in a future article on this website and for a show on Capital Radio UAE  ( on 30th June, as one of my weekly Everything UAE segments which are broadcast every Sunday, just after 6pm.

Your input is very much appreciated. Thank you.


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