News: RL360 to acquire Friends Provident International

Following some months of speculation it has been announced that IFGL, which owns RL360°,  will acquire FPIL (Friends Provident International Limited)  from the Aviva Group, subject to regulatory approval.

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Need to know: New to Dubai? Important financial information

This is not a complete guide to setting up in Dubai but one that gives an overview of many of the financial, and some of the legal, issues of which new residents need to be aware.

Your ability to live in the UAE is linked to employment and it is impossible to rent a property (apart from on a short-term basis) without a residency visa and accompanying identity card. These will be provided by your employer or as part of the package when you set up a trade licence if you wish to have your own business. You also need these to buy a car, get a UAE driving licence, get medical insurance or get an alcohol licence – a legal requirement for residents if you want to buy alcohol anywhere and or keep alcohol in your home. Co-habiting is illegal.

The rules can vary between emirates, although the main legal issues are correct for all, but this guide is mainly for Dubai residents.

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Need to know: Taxes on UK property

I have previously written about the various taxes that relate to the ownership of property in the UK but this article brings all the information together in one handy guide. This is written for the benefit of expats.

There are various taxes that apply with in relation to the ownership of UK property and an overview of each of the main ones is set out below.

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12 lessons about money before the age of 12

Money is a fact of life, we all need it, and we all need to know how to manage it smartly so the earlier we start learning this the better.

The importance of managing money or saving is not taught in schools and many of us find that as adults, we have to fend for ourselves. We can make sure the next generation gets a better start by teaching children the importance of understanding money from a young age.

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News: New UK mortgage options from just £30,000

For a long time now the minimum mortgage available for non-residents looking to buy property in the UK was £100,000 but we can now arrange mortgages from just £30,000.

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Life cover for your family – is it critical?

I could give you the quick answer of yes but that would make for a very short article. Instead I want to provide a little information about the types of cover and benefits so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you and your family. This is your guide to pretty much everything you need to know about life cover and associated benefits

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A guide to buying property & getting a mortgage in Dubai

Buying a property in the UAE can be daunting, especially for the first-time buyer. Expats have only been able to buy here since 2001, and only in specific areas, so many people are unfamiliar with the process as it can be quite different to a home country. As buying a home is the largest purchase most of us will ever make, it is important to get the facts.

I have an excellent in-house mortgage department and we can walk you through the full process from finding a property, getting mortgage approvals, the final offer, to dealing with the Land Department at completion.

This article is a guide to what you need to know when buying property in Dubai. I have already written an article on the buying process in the UK and there will shortly be another about the tax issues to consider in respect of UK property ownership.

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