Tips on reducing spending & better budgeting

When it comes to taking control of your finances, the obvious, but frequently overlooked first step, is to take a long, hard look at your monthly budget. Quite simply, if you don’t know what your outgoings are, how do you know if you are overspending? How do you know how much money you have available to spend each month?

savings-jar-cashThis article provides a guide to working out your budget and reducing wasted expenditure. Life in the UAE is expensive and we can all benefit from reminders of how to manage our heard-earned income a little better.

Get started by following these steps:

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UK Autumn Statement, November 2016 – the facts that expats need to know

Following changes of leadership in the Conservative Party earlier this year, the new UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, presented the UK Autumn Statement and Spending Review to parliament on 24th November. These reports are always lengthy and whilst covered extensively in the UK press I like to pick up on the points that have relevance relevant to expats, particularly those who are resident in the UAE. I have read through all 69 pages of the official report so you don’t have to.

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Seasonal spending – 20 hints & tips on budgeting

As we head rapidly towards the end of 2016 the prospect of Christmas and New Year is daunting for many due to the cost of the celebrations. With Christmas being as much a cultural as a religious event for most people and New Year being a party time too, I thought I’d put together an article with hints and tips for budgeting at this time of year.

More lighthearted than my usual offering and those that know me well may raise an eyebrow as I am not exactly known for an overwhelming love of Christmas (mainly as it seems to go on so long) but this may be of interest and use to a few people.

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Where there’s a will there’s a way to protect your family

If you have assets, and more importantly, if you have children, then you need a will. This is a subject that many people are reluctant to address but there are many misconceptions and an all too common reluctance to talk about the relevant issues. In this article I want to set out a few facts and answer the most popular questions that I am asked.

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UK National Insurance payments & the State Pension – what expats need to know

The rules regarding entitlement to the UK State Pension have just changed so if you are not fully aware of the changes, and how they might affect you, and studies show that few people are, you need to read on.

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Protecting what matters most – your family

If you have children there is no question that they are the most valuable thing you can think of. So have you done all you can to protect them?

How would your family manage if you died and your income was lost? How would they manage without you to take care of them?

Would they be able to maintain their standard of living? Would your children’s education remain unaffected? Would any outstanding loans or debt be repaid?

family protection mother ssThese are all big questions and not ones we like to think about but tackle them now, take the right steps, and then you can relax knowing that if the worst should happen they will at least be financially secure.

Money does not replace a beloved husband or wife or a parent, but it’s even worse if those left behind are worrying about money and how they’ll manage. These are not subjects that we want to think about but the kindest action is to take the right steps to safeguard your family should the worst happen.

These are some of the issues you need to consider.

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New to Dubai? A very useful event just for you.

If you are new to Dubai then you’ll already know that life here is quite different to being in your home country so make a note in your diary to come along to a helpful presentation to get you up to speed on lots of things that you need to know. Saturday 13th August, 9am to 12pm, at FC Dubai in Al Quoz (near Ace Hardware).

This event is run by Citispi  and features several guest speakers on a variety of topics including all manner of financial issues from me, property by Espace Real Estate and schooling from British Orchard Nursery. The venue has a supervised children’s play area and there will refreshments and snacks. Citispi will also provide information about the local social scene.

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