Want to invest, but avoid risk? There is a way

We all know that bank accounts are currently offering very low rates of interest, but also that investing in equity markets means taking a risk with capital, especially in these troubled times. For those who want to avoid risk, options have always been limited, but there is now an alternative.

A UK authorised investment company has a limited offer single premium plan that offers a capital guarantee together with growth in the FTSE 100 Index over either a three or five year period. It provides a way of protecting your money, with an excellent opportunity for growth. This offer is only available in Sterling and the investment is held in the Channel Islands, a secure UK offshore financial haven. The minimum investment is just £5,000.

The plans have set terms so you invest a lump sum with the intention to leave it untouched for a three or five year period. It is possible to encash sooner if you really need to, although penalties would apply, so it is not recommended for shorter periods.

At the fixed maturity date, you receive your capital (subject to chosen guarantee level) plus a percentage increase in the FTSE 100 Index. You choose the level of capital guarantee that suits you, from 85% to 100% and the amount of risk you take determines the level of the increase in the Index. Even in the worst case scenario, if the Index fell or failed to increase, you will get back your capital subject to your chosen guarantee level.

As an example, over a five year period, you could choose to protect 100% of the amount invested, you would benefit from 75% of the growth of the FTSE 100 Index, plus the return of your original investment. A guarantee of 95% would return 105% of the Index growth and a lower protection threshold of 85% would provide growth of 165% of the increase in the FTSE 100 Index. The higher the increase in the Index, the bigger the growth on your investment. You simply pick the level of protection that you require.

Your investment is not subject to additional charges and interest of 2% pa is paid from the date of subscription until the plan goes live. The counterparty guarantee is provided by Barclays Bank.

This is a limited offer, only available for application to the end of August, so please contact me by return if you are interested in this low risk investment opportunity and would like further information.


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  1. dubaijob says:

    what abt the tax information

    • financialuae says:

      The tax liability will depend on the individual’s situation so personal advice is always given. The information on this site is designed mainly for residents in the UAE most of whom have no personal tax liability at maturity whilst resident in the UAE. It is not realistic to cover all possibilities in a short post, which is why I ask interested parties to contact me directly should they require more information.

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