Can you relax about your retirement?

It’s amazing how quickly time passes as we get older and our good intentions go by the wayside. A topic that we all need to address is that of how we will manage financially in our later years.

  • Even if you are saving and have a number of pension and/or savings plans, have you checked to ensure that they are working as hard as they should be?
  •  Do you have a number of different plans with masses of paperwork that you’d really love to simplify?
  •  Have you received a projection of how much income your existing arrangements might provide for you and your family?
  • Have you heard about SIPPs and QROPS and wondered what the fuss is about?

Pensions and retirement planning can be a complex issue and is frequently an emotionally difficult topic. The simple fact is that we’re all living longer and so we need to set aside more money to live on. The real value of company pension plans is diminishing and the burden falls more and more on the individual, away from both the employer and the state.

The sooner you address these issues, the better prepared you will be, so you can relax and enjoy life now. Make an appointment for a chat, free of jargon and without obligation, to plan for your financial future.

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