On Your Side columns from The National newspaper – September 2012

In  case you missed any, here are links to all the On Your Side columns from the Personal Finance section of The National newspaper from September 2012.  I don’t post all the column links here every month, but on 8th September my 200th column was published which felt like something of a milestone.

Over the past four years the column has answered hundreds of questions, solved masses of problems, obtained refunds and apologies and even kept people out of jail by intervening in debt issues. I am extremely proud of the work we have done and the good reputation we have built up, not only with our many readers, but also companies in the UAE.

01/09/12      http://tinyurl.com/OnYourSide010912

08/09/12     http://tinyurl.com/OnYourSide080912

15/9/12        http://tinyurl.com/OnYourSide150912

22/09/12     http://tinyurl.com/OnYourSide220912

29/09/12     http://tinyurl.com/OnYourSide290912


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About FinancialUAE

A qualified and experienced Independent Financial Adviser based in Dubai, UAE. Professional and ethical. Freelance writer on personal financial issues & the On Your Side column in The National. Weekly co-host in Capital Radio UAE. Senior Partner at Holborn Assets LLC, Dubai, UAE.
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