Happy Anniversary to On Your Side

Time certainly does fly. I have been writing the On Your Side column in the Saturday edition of The National newspaper for five years. That’s 262 columns to date and something like 800 questions answered and problems solved.

Over the years I have answered questions about rent issues, labour law, taxation, consumer problems, investment, banks, airlines and a host more. I have had fees refunded, compensation paid, upgrades provided and sorted out many annoying problems for readers. Only a small number of organisations have refused to assist and most companies have been obliging in fixing problems.

I have built up a good network of contacts at the banks in the UAE and am confident that just about any issue can be sorted out. Many still need to raise standards in their branches and customer service centres, but progress is being made.

Here are some links to a few Q&As over the past year that have either proved to be particularly helpful to readers, or where we have solved an intransigent problem.

Is my eviction legal?

Shock bank debit of AED 155,000

Have I been blacklisted?

Protecting business interests + end of service gratuity

Credit Card repaid but still hassle from bank

This is just a taster and you can find lots of columns on The National the newspaper’s  website http://www.thenational.ae

Thank you to every one who has written to me, to the contacts at local companies who get problems solved and to my editors at The National. I hope we have helped people over the years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

I can be contacted at my usual address: keren@holbornassets.com



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A qualified and experienced Independent Financial Adviser based in Dubai, UAE. Professional and ethical. Freelance writer on personal financial issues & the On Your Side column in The National. Founder of Facebook group British Expats Dubai. Senior Partner at Holborn Assets LLC, Dubai, UAE.
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