UAE Public Holidays for 2021

These are the official dates of public holidays for the UAE for the coming year, as well as notable dates, so you can make a note in your diary now and plan ahead. Actual days of holiday for both the public and private sector should be the same and these are the dates announced by the UAE Government.

This article will be updated throughout the year as any changes are announced so you can bookmark it in the knowledge that it will always be correct

As usual, dates of Islamic holidays will be subject to slight variation, dependent on moon sighting, and others may also change.

 Occasion Date Day of the week No. of Days
New Year’s Day January 1st Friday 1
Beginning of Ramadan* April 12th Monday 0
Eid Al Fitr* May 11th Tuesday 4
Arafat (Haj) Day* July 19th Monday 1
Eid Al Adha* July 20th Tuesday 3
Islamic New Year’s Day* August 12th Thursday 1
Prophet’s Birthday October 21st Thursday 1
Commemoration Day December 1st Wednesday 1
UAE National Day December 2nd & 3rd Thursday & Friday 2
*Islamic holiday dates are dependent on moon sighting and all are subject to confirmation and may change

Some public holidays will fall on the weekend but unless you are contracted to work on that day, you are not entitled to time off in lieu or additional pay.

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Source: UAE Government Communications Office


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