Still not started saving for your future?

  • Still thinking about saving for the future?
  • Do you keep meaning to organise your finances, but never get around to it?
  • Looked into savings plans, but been concerned about the cost?
  • Can’t make your make your mind up what to do?

It’s easy to get distracted by more fun things when you should be thinking about planning for your future. Few of us find dealing with our finances very exciting, but it something that you must deal with or you are likely to face a retirement and old age with major financial worries. The earlier you start planning the better and professional advice makes it painless.

It is true to say that a number of charges apply when investing in offshore savings plans and some people have found this a little off-putting. Naturally charges will always apply for the management of any investment, but clearly the lower these are the better.

 And here is the good news!

 For a limited period only you can set up a 10 year regular savings plan without any initial charges. This represents a significant saving.  This plan is an exclusive offer, open to mid December and only available to clients of Holborn Assets. There’s even an additional bonus at maturity.

If you have been putting off saving for your future now is the time to act to take  advantage of this very special offer.

The Freedom 10 plan is managed by a leading international insurance company and provides access to over 1,200 funds from well-known and respected management groups. This allows me to construct an investment portfolio that is tailored to your needs and views on risk. No other company offers such choice. This plan is also ideal as a vehicle for saving for school or university fees.

 For details please contact me on


The value of your investment can go down as well as up. Returns are not  guaranteed. Minimum investment $750, 500 or €500  per month. Allocation rate offsets initial charge in full.


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