Invest in UK property without a big deposit? Yes, you can!

You may think that you need to save up for ages to save up a deposit to buy a property in the UK but there is another way. There is no need to wait until you have saved 30-35% before you buy.

This is for direct ownership and will make it easier for you to get on the property ladder.

Secure the purchase price now, but pay the deposit of 30% over a period of 18 to 30 months, before you arrange a mortgage to finance the balance.

No need to wait and you can buy an investment property at today’s prices, not at an increased rate in a few years’ time.

We work with a financially secure and ethical developer that has been offering this as an option for several years in the knowledge that this is away to make the process more affordable for the average person.

How does it work?

Let’s say you agree to buy a property with a purchase price of £219,995, such as Smithfield Lofts as shown later in this article.

You need to pay 5% up front to secure and reserve your chosen apartment. This is £10,999.75.

Legal fees are payable, estimated at £995.

You then pay an amount of £1,883 per month for 30 months. (As at 24/10/23 that is AED 8,265.)

Towards the end of the 30-month period, you arrange a mortgage for the balance, and complete the purchase.  You are now the proud owner of a smart new apartmentwhich you let out to receive an income and cover yoru mortgage repayments.

You make the mortgage payments and receive a rental income.

This is a pictorial example based on current rental income and rents are increasing so likely to be higher by the time you complete the purchase in Q1 2026.

Deposits are held in nominated accounts held by solicitors.

Why buy in the UK?

The UK is a very secure market, with a high degree of legal protection, and that plus the significant undersupply of quality rental properties, means it is popular with investors of all nationalities.

Property should form part of everyone’s long-term financial planning and is a useful way to have a steady income in retirement.

If you buy the right property, in the right place, it is always a good time. Property is long-term investment.

The reality is that that the UK, England especially, England has the lowest percentage of vacant homes per capita in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). That includes most of the EU, Japan, USA and Australia.

With a UK population that is increasing by over 500,000 people each year, housebuilders cannot keep up, not least as the UK has strict planning laws and approvals are not being given at the rate needed.

Basic supply and demand economics shows that UK property makes sense if you get it right.

This recent article from the BBC, shows the high level of demand. There are now 25 people viewing each rental property putting landlords in a great position, and leading to rising yields.

BBC – Renters chasing each home leaps to 25

This article lists 10 reasons why UK property is as sensible investment:

UK property investment – 10 reasons why it makes sense

What about house prices?

You may have seen some recent UK press articles claiming that UK property house prices are falling but that is only part of the story. If you read beyond the headlines you will see that in many areas they are increasing and are forecast to increase further.

Take a look at this table (you can click on it to enlarge) using figures from JLL, the highly respected market forecaster and property expert. It really is not the doom and gloom that some are claiming!

Bad news sells so much of the media will focus on the negatives but we know that prices have increased in many desirable areas and the shortfall in quality property and high demand will lead to further increases in the future.

This is why buying the right property, in the right place, matters. And why expert advice and guidance makes a difference.

ALL property is NOT the same.

When you look at investing in property, you need to look at both potential capital gain and also the rental yields – over a period of years. Add in buying the right kind of properties, ones that appeal to good tenants, that will have minimal upkeep for years and you will have a good investment.

What & where to buy?

I have a range of excellent property options, that we have a thoroughly researched and all from financially secure developers with good track records.

You can see a wider range  HERE   including some properties that have already completed and where you receive get an immediate income.

In this article, I want to feature the developments where you can pay your deposit over a period of many months, making it easier.

Smithfield Lofts – Birmingham

A new launch of the first phase of an exciting new development in the new heart of Birmingham, the UK’s second city. This historic area is undergoing regeneration and will include public squares and parks, commercial, retail and residential spaces.

Birmingham is known for trade and business and hosts the head offices of many internationally-known businesses, several of which have moved out of London as the cost of living was just too high for many staff.

The city is the main beneficiary of a number of key infrastructure projects such as HS2, which will accelerate the growth of the city’s economy, population and property market.

The city has the UK’s highest university retention rate – your future professional tenants.

Local property prices are rising faster than most of the UK but can be secured now,

Smithfield Lofts will be a thoughtful blend of industrial-luxe design, to reflect the area’s history, coupled with 21st century style and convenience.

  • 1 bed apartments from £265,995
  • 2 bed apartments from £307,995
  • Long lease
  • Easy payment plans
  • Planning permission approved
  • Completion due Q1 2026
  • Quarterly updates provided
  • Walking distance to main stations & metro
  • Part of Smithfield masterplan
  • Siemens integrated appliances
  • High build quality


Full brochure, floor plans, and a copy of a recent online presentation are available on request.


Sailmakers Lofts – Ipswich

Tucked away in East Anglia, Ipswich is a lively market town on the River Orwell. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and some lovely towns and villages.

While much of Suffolk is known for farming, there is so much more to the area. A key employment sector is insurance, with main offices for Axa, Churchill, L&G, LV and more. This has led to the establishment of ancillary businesses serving these companies, including call centres dealing with sales and claims.

Ipswich is a working port, with many related businesses, and there are multiple companies that manufacture farming and other industrial equipment. A thriving workplace with a skilled workforce.

The town has good links to London, Norwich, Cambridge and elsewhere.

Sailmakers Lofts is a boutique town centre development of 26 smart one and two bed apartments.

24 month building schedule, so deposit payments over a period of 24 months.

  • 1 bed apartments from £139,995
  • 2 bed apartments from £189,995
  • Estimated completion – Q2 2025
  • 250-year lease
  • Integrated appliances
  • Easy payment plans
  • High build quality



At these competitive prices, you could secure an apartment with a purchase price of £164,995 with a 5% deposit of just £8,249.75, plus legal fees of £995.

Over the next 24 months, you pay £2,062 each month until completion at which time you arrange a mortgage to pay the balance of 70%.

Other points

  • Mortgages are available for people who are not UK resident
  • I will establish that you are eligible for a mortgage before committing
  • Stamp Duty is payable on completion. Amount will be confirmned in each case
  • Additional legal fees may be payable but not a huge amount
  • Tax advice available
  • Full financial advice provided
  • Negligible risk
  • Amenable & ethical developer in case of financial difficulties

Property investment is part of full financial planning and in all cases we  have a chat to establish that this is right for you and any other issues that you need to consider.


To arrange a discussion about investing in property, or on any aspect of your personal financial planning, please email me at I run my own set-up under the Holborn Assets umbrella.

This is part of the holistic personal financial planning service and that I provide to expats, and the general consumer, financial and legal information that I provide in The National newspaper, on radio, and on the Facebook group British Expats Dubai.

Please take a look at the other useful articles on this website.



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