Can you afford to survive a critical illness?

I have two simple questions for you. Could you and your family survive financially if you suffered a serious illness and were unable to work? Even if you could, would it decimate your savings and future plans?

Being diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or having a stroke is something you don’t expect and is often a matter of bad luck, but you can take steps to make sure you and your family can manage without any financial problems, taking away a major cause of stress.

Let me tell you about a true story. This happened to a client of mine.

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The Mystery of the Missing Pensions

Research has shown that a large number of people have forgotten UK pension plans, or lost track of a plan from years ago or from previous employment. The value of these lost pension funds is around £19.4 billion according to figures from the Association of British Insurers in 2019.

Other research estimates that one in eight UK citizens has at least one forgotten pension. When studies show that some 60% of UK adult are concerned about their retirement planning, it makes sense to ensure you don’t lose out by not having access to all your pension money.

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UK Summer Economic Statement July 2020 – the facts for expats

The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has presented his Summer Economic Statement, a de facto budget, and this article is an overview of the main points with particular reference to any announcements or changes that are relevant to those living out of the UK.

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A flight to bricks & mortar? Options to invest in UK & European property

In an uncertain world, it is understandable that we have seen an increase in property as an investment class. People have always liked investments that they fully understand, or can see and touch. Property markets are not equal and the legalities and potential for growth and/or income vary hugely but Europe still presents many opportunities for long-term investment and yield.

Recent surveys have shown that many expats are keen to invest in property in their home country either as they consider it a more secure place than where they are currently living or as a potential base should they need to move back.

The recent upheavals in work, schooling, lifestyle and more has made many reflect on the lives that they want to lead, and to consider future plans. Initially, I saw an uplift in enquiries for wills and life cover, and while these are still popular, I am now being contacted by people about property investment in the UK and Germany. Fortunately, I can assist with both and you can invest without leaving home.

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A survey – how has your UAE income & financial situation been affected by Coronavirus?

I am sure we are all well aware that the restrictions related to COVID-19 have meant that the income of many people in the UAE has been affected.  In order to find out the extent of this I have put together a quick survey and would appreciate as many responses as I can get as the more people who answer, the more valid the information.

Survey here: UAE Income & Coronavirus – June 2020

All responses are anonymous.

The results will be discussed in my weekly segment on Capital Radio UAE on 21st June at 6pm and I will share many of the results on this website too.

The survey will only take a couple of minutes and I appreciate all answers. Please share this too as the more answers I get, from different groups of people, the better.

Thank you for your time.


I write articles such as this one as part of the holistic personal financial planning service and that I provide to expats, and the general consumer, financial and legal information that I provide in The National newspaper, on Capital Radio UAE, and on the Facebook group British Expats Dubai. I do not provide an employment advisory service to individuals, only via my newspaper column and radio show.

To arrange a meeting to discuss any aspect of your personal financial planning, please email me at     Please take a look at the other useful articles on this website.




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Is your family financially protected if you die? Six common errors.

If you die and leave your family behind, you can’t stop the heartache, but you can make sure that they don”t have financial worries, that they can stay in their home or have enough money to relocate, and that your children can continue their education. Protecting your family in this way, should the worst happen,  is one of the kindest things you can ever do for them.

There are various reasons why people don’t take out life cover so in this short article I want to address some of these.

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Moving from the UAE to the UK? Do you have a proper financial exit plan?

When you relocate from one country to another there is a great deal you need to think about. These include the practical problems of shipping your possessions, finding a place to live, finding new schools for children, new employment and so on. No doubt you will have lists of things to do but one area that is often overlooked is the financial side. It may not be exciting but you need to be aware of these issues to avoid any nasty surprise tax bills in respect of UAE income or offshore investments.

I provide an exit planning service for people relocating to the UK and this professional service, with a personalised advice and a written report you can refer back to, can save you both money and headaches.

These are some of the topics that you may need to consider:

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Life Assurance and Coronavirus – your questions answered

With the spread of COVID-19 around the world, it is no surprise that people have queries about their existing life policies and that we have seen an uplift in applications in recent weeks. People have also been asking specific questions. Is it still possible to get life cover? Will my existing policy cover COVID-19? Will my premiums increase?

In this article I want to give you answers to many of the common questions I am being asked at this time.

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Cost-effective currency transfers – secure & safe

Most expats have a need to move money between currencies and it makes sense to find a way to do this securely, easily and where you can save money. At the present time, it is important that you can do this without having to leave your home and, in view of recent issues with some UAE companies, with a currency broker with a good track record.

The online services offered by retail banks are rarely competitive and even if they do not charge a fee they make their profit on the poor rates of exchange offered. There is a better way with better value for money. Everyone wants to make savings so this is a better option.

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Need to know: UAE Labour Law in the time of Coronavirus

As many will be aware, I have been writing about UAE employment regulations, and other matters, in my weekly column in The National newspaper since 2008. This is addition to my main business as an Independent Financial Adviser. All columns are online but in view of the current economic situation in relation to COVID-19, I thought it would be useful to clarify both employee and employer rights at this time.

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